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We use technology to provide you choice, automation, and control to save you time and money. Our BackOffice lets you effortlessly manage your services through our customizable widget dashboards.


Our Local, Toll-Free, and International numbers are carrier transparent with complete flexibility and numerous features. Take a look at our DID Coverage Map.

  • Local
    • DIDs access to the US48, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
    • DIDs in over 8,500 US rate centers
    • Hundreds of thousands of DIDs in our Number Warehouse
    • All US & Canadian numbers support SMS
  • Toll-Free
    • Access to US, Canada and International Toll-Free destinations
    • Access our RespOrg and purchase directly from SMS800 (National TFN database)
    • Provide carrier redundancy and failover protection
  • International
    • Access to DIDs in over 60 countries worldwide
    • Choose DIDs from multiple International carriers
  • Additional Features
    • Choose DIDs by network(s) (carrier) , price, or tier
    • Choose a carrier using a service performance ranking system
    • Choose DIDs features:
      • (E911, 411, Caller ID, Call Conferencing, Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Call Forward, Call Failover)
    • SMS enablement and messaging (on-net and off-net)
    • Group DIDs by end user and assign Groups to Clients
    • Set rules to automatically re-order DIDs
    • Manage number services on a customizable widget dashboard
      • Carrier, tier, totals, usage, features, networks, Groups


We offer Domestic, Toll-Free, and International outbound calling. Not only is our pricing competitive, but we allow customers to choose their underlying carriers (ULC).

  • Domestic Voice
    • Benefit from our proprietary domestic LCR (least cost routing) system
    • Utilize our custom rate decks
  • Toll-Free Voice
    • Free US Toll-Free termination services
  • International Voice
    • A-Z International Wholesale Termination to fixed and mobile destinations
    • Global SMS Delivery
    • Access to over 200 countries worldwide
    • Setup Fraud Detection Services
    • Ability to turn international on and off per end-point and control spending per end-point 
  • Additional Features
    • Build custom rate decks
    • Manage stats by rate deck, carrier and state:
      • PDD, calls, minutes, cost, ASR, ACD, average cost, status
    • Innovative reporting
    • Real-time CDRs and monitoring
    • Manage Outbound Calling services on a customizable widget dashboard
      • General, state, rate decks, rate deck stats
    • Rate Simulator
  • Additional Outbound Services
    • Fax (T.38)
    • Dialer


E911 services can be added to numbers registered on the VoIP Innovations network (On-Net), as well as numbers not registered on the VoIP Innovations network (Off-Net).

  • Set E911 text/email alert notifications when a 911 call is made
  • Real-time access to add, edit and delete 911 registrations
  • Group E911 DIDs by end user and assign Groups to a Client
  • Number location map
  • Comprehensive Reporting:
    • 911 usage, 911 history, 911 costs, 911 revenue
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Manage Number services on a customizable widget dashboard
    • General, recent calls, alerts, Groups

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Our Fraud Detection service continually runs an algorithm which processes and analyzes CDRs in near real-time looking for traffic pattern anomalies. When an anomaly is detected an alert is sent via email and/or text message, giving our customers the ability to quickly react to potential fraud situations hence minimizing the financial damage they incur.
  • Fraud Alerts
    • Get notified by email and SMS messaging when abnormalities are detected
    • Customize notification by alert type
    • Set multiple severity notification thresholds
    • Set notifications by endpoint, jurisdiction and IP source
  • Fraud Reporting
    • View minutes per endpoint, IP source, customer, country, state or jurisdiction
    • View and manage invalid CDRs
    • View the top IP addresses with traffic
  • Additional Features
    • Monitor and analyze call traffic patterns 24×7
    • Analyze International, Domestic, and Toll-Free Termination
    • Identify suspicious destinations
    • Flag Specific IP addresses

Hosted Billing

The VoIP Innovations Hosted Billing System is ideal for telephony companies providing class 4 or class 5 services, including hosted PBXs. Our software is a hosted solution which collects, rates, taxes and bills voice and related services.
  • Payment Options
    • Specify automatic top-ups for prepaid accounts
    • Configure spending limits for postpaid accounts
    • Send preemptive credit card expiry notifications
    • Apply penalty calculations for overdue amounts
  • Reporting
    • View CDRs
    • Easily manage aged receivables
    • Reconciliation reporting
    • Deposit handling and interest calculation
    • Automatic deposit adjustment
    • Maintain unlimited financial history
  • Tax Module
    • Robust reseller tax reporting
    • Complete end user taxation rating and view billing modules
    • Easily add customer tax exemptions
    • Access to a third-party tax expert to assist with tax mapping and consultation
  • Additional Features
    • Bill usage on DIDs, extensions, virtual numbers, trunks and IP addresses
    • Bill one-time fees and other recurring services
    • Rating for Blended Origination
    • Unlimited packages/subscription types
    • Unlimited rate sheets
    • Toll-Free Origination Billing
    • Integrates with Asterisk®, FreeSWITCH, Sansay, and others

End User Portal

Our Brandable End User Portal was created to empower your customers to make changes within their account whenever they needed to. We developed this service to remove the hassle of you having to update minute details for your customers every time something needed to be changed.

  • Additional Features:
    • Display a Branded End User Portal to your customers
    • Allow your customers to manage their own services:
      • Caller ID, names, 411 information, etc.
    • Control what services your end user can view and manage
    • Provide end users with the ability to add, edit, and delete services
    • Assign logins and rights to your end users


At VoIP Innovations, we’re committed to bringing you the best telecom options available. Contact our team to learn more about our SIP trunking and telecom services.