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Fraud Detection Services

The VoIP Innovations Fraud Detection service provides a way for VoIP Resellers, ITSPs and Enterprise customers to monitor their traffic patterns in near real-time looking for fraudulent activity.

One of the most common problems for a new VoIP provider is the issue of VoIP fraud. To help customers deal with this all too common threat, we have developed a Fraud Detection tool that analyzes their traffic patterns and alerts them when something is out of the ordinary. Our software continually runs an algorithm which processes and analyzes CDRs in near real-time looking for traffic pattern anomalies. When an anomaly is detected an alert is sent via email and/or text message, giving our customers the ability to minimize the financial damage they incur.

Fraud Reporting

Fraud Reporting

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Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts

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Fraud Reporting

Fraud Reporting

  • Customizable Fraud Detection dashboard
  • View minutes per endpoint, IP source, customer, country, state or jurisdiction
  • View and manage invalid CDRs
  • View the top IP addresses with traffic
Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts

  • Get notified by email and SMS messaging when abnormalities are detected
  • Customize notification by alert type
  • Set multiple severity notification thresholds
  • Set notifications by endpoint, jurisdiction and IP source


  • Monitor and analyze call traffic patterns 24x7
  • Identify network breaches sooner and minimize your finalization loss
  • Analyze International, Domestic, and Toll-Free Termination
  • Identify suspicious destinations
  • Flag Specific IP addresses
  • Create tagged number algorithms
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Resellers can register off-net E911 DIDs from other underlying carriers (ULCs), as well as organize and manage their E911 numbers, all in one location. Resellers have real-time access to add, edit and delete 911 registrations, along with the complete transparency to control cost and calls.


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