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VoIP E911 Services

At VoIP Innovations, we offer an extremely competitive and fully automated Wholesale E911 emergency and alert service. E911 services can be added to numbers registered on the VoIP Innovations network (on-net), as well as numbers not registered on the VoIP Innovations network (off-net). We offer month-to-month contracts, competitive pricing, additional features at no cost and unprecedented automation.


E911 Alerts

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E911 Offnet

E911 Off/On-Net

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e911 Alerts

E911 Alerts

  • Ability to set E911 alerts notifications
  • End Users are notified by email and text message when a 911 call is made
  • Alerts can be added, removed or updated in real-time, anytime
  • Alerts works with both on-net and off-net numbers
  • Alerts are built into our easy to use API
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As part of our E911 offering, we have a free and unique add-on service called E911 Alerts. E911 Alerts provide the end user with the ability to add 911 Alert Contacts to any registered E911 DID. Each 911 Alert Contact receives an email and text message notification when a 911 call is made. Titanium III provides real-time control, allowing alerts to be added, removed or updated anytime. This service works with both on-net and off-net numbers and is also built into our product API.

off/on net
E911 Offnet

E911 Off/On-Net

  • Add/register E911 to Off-Net numbers (Other carrier numbers)
  • Add/register E911 to On-Net numbers (VoIP Innovations numbers)
  • Better manage and organize E911 numbers in one location
  • Real-time access to add, edit and delete 911 registrations
  • Complete transparency to control cost and calls
  • Avoid expensive rogue (unregistered DIDs) penalty charges
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Resellers can register off-net E911 DIDs from other underlying carriers (ULCs), as well as organize and manage their E911 numbers, all in one location. Resellers have real-time access to add, edit and delete 911 registrations, along with the complete transparency to control cost and calls.


  • Add/Register E911 to On-Net Numbers (VoIP Innovations numbers)
  • Add/Register E911 to Off-Net Numbers (Other carrier numbers)
  • Update/Edit E911 Information on Any Number
  • Ability to Group E911 DIDs by End User
  • Ability to Assign E911 Groups to an End User Client
  • Ability to Display Provisioned Location Map
  • Ability to Set E911 Alerts (Be alerted when 911 is called from a number)
  • Robust API E911 Access
  • Comprehensive Reporting (911 usage, 911 history, 911 costs, 911 revenue)
  • Real-Time Monitoring (Monitor on Client, Group and DID levels)


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